Amkye Dede’s, highlife music icon of Ghana, video of music concert was released by one of the most vibrant companies producing music, Stebo Records International. The Original dubbed new product ‘ Amakye Dede Best Concert Video’ would be enjoyed by the music lovers coated Nana Boahene, executive producer of Stebo.

Nana Boahene further added that the music video, still not released on local TV network, had been wrapped cautiously not only for African market but also for the international markets. We reached the final stage of recording video with much struggle and ha was proud to release the original DVD and VCD of the enchanting video for African and USA market on Tuesday the 28th June 2011, told Nana.

The immense contributor to the exciting music industry of Ghana, Nana Boahene believed that the present video of the highlife music icon would disclose the real compassion towards the live concerts and would naturally enhance his image and the sales of ‘Akonoba’ the last successfully released CD in the start of 2011.

The management establishment of Amakye Dede, Evolution International, also deserved for the credit in making of present video as they believed that mere production of music video was not their only consideration but they were of the view that it should create an excellent notion as it hits the market. It for this reason they had undoubtedly emphasized on the outfit of the music icon to match it with the demand of the music lovers of Ghana and abroad.

‘Akonoba’, ‘Dabidabi Ebeye Yie’, ‘Su Fre Onyame’, ‘You Broke Your Promise’ ‘Adukuro Mu Nsuo’, are some of the hit songs on the video marketed by Music Makers in USA and Stebo Records in Ghana. The other songs on the video are‘Iron Boy’, ‘Akoko Be Bon’, ‘Odo Ho Akyere Noa’, ‘Madamfo Pa’, ‘Od Da Baabi’and ’ Odo Nsheme Awereho’.

Abrantie Amakye Dede, the evergreen music icon of Ghana, was considered as the only musician of Ghana who had hit the scene of highlife music constantly since last three decades.  Abratie studied the highlife music trends for some time and then broke through ‘Akonoba’, his last album released in the early 2011. The good drum beats and inspiring rhythms to nice lyrics made the mid-tempo title song of ‘Akonoba’ a unique number.

The Ghana’s music icon, who dominated the highlife music world since 80’s till 21st century, experienced a variety of music trends in his life throughout.

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