America Ferrera, the Ugly Betty of TV show, gorgeously glowed as a bride while tieing wedding knots with Ryan Piers Williams, her boyfriend on Monday, 27th June 2011. On the night of June 27, Ferrera, 27 year old Emmy winning actress, wore the dress labeling Christos of Amsale amd earings by Fred Lieghton as a bride told her representative.

America Ferrera Married To Ryan Piers Williams

America Ferrera Married To Ryan Piers Williams

Costars of the actress in Ugly Betty, Vanessa Williams, Rebecca ROmijn with her husband Jerry O’Connell and Blwke Lively, the Sisterhood of Travelling Pant’s had attended the marriage ceremony.

The couple, who met for the first time when Williams, at University of southern California, casted her in his student film, were engaged in June 2010. A friend of the couple commented in 2007 as they were not showy only if they were searching together for some home.

America Ferrera declared after her engagement that the passion of intimacy and work was shared by both of them as they came closer to each other even at that professional level.

As bushy browed face in Ugly Betty, America Ferrera amused the audiences as Betty Suarez and made the series, produced by ABC, a beautiful and funny must-see show and herself emerged as Award-winning star from Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG.

Ferrera, the youngest sixth child immigrant from Honduran, started her stage life, when she was 7 years old, in her school play of Hamlet with a small role and proved to be a performer. She began to play in LA in community theatres after taking paid lessons of acting. She told Williams in 2007 that acting only had not brought her to this country.

Gotta of Disney Channel gave 16 years old Ferrera, when she was student in Woodland Hill’s El Camino Real High School, to play as one of the dance team of Latina girls in ‘Kick It Up’ in 2002.  Ferrera told Williams astonishingly in 2007 that she was exclaimed for being paid for dancing all the day with four other girls and thought that that day’s dismay Channel may fetch Oscar the next day. She got her first big break in “Real Women Have Curves” produced by Sundance darling of HBO in the same year which led her to a hit ‘The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants’, due to her remarkable performance in HBO’s campaign, as teen girlfriend prior to her block buster Ugly Betty. Thus Ugly became Beautiful.

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