Online gaming has revolutionized the gaming industry, increasing the number of gamers substantially. There are many websites on the internet that provide games of different genres. One can never run out of games. Flash games that require minimal requirements and can be run without installing anything are becoming very popular. Whether you are at work or at home, playing games has become a major form of entertainment. The number of games available at free cost is immense and their quality is impressive. Here are some free online games and shooting games available on the internet:-

Entertain Yourself With Pool Game

Entertain Yourself With Pool Game

1.    Pool Games – Yahoo Pool, 8-Ball Pool Quick Fire, Penthouse Pool, Deluxe Pool

Pool is a great game and very addictive for many. Whether you play pool in real life or not does not matter. In fact many online pool players don’t play pool in real life. After understanding the basic rules, one can start enjoying competing with other players. Websites provide ratings or points for each gamer. These points increase on winning games. Many pool websites also have a chat option. So you can interact with people you play with.

2.   Card Games – 888 Poker, Tilt Poker, Solitaire, Hearts, Bridge, Uno

Card games are very popular amongst everyone. After knowing the basic rules of a specific game, one can start enjoy playing them. Poker is probably the most famous of all online card games. Many websites out there provide poker games with Texas Hold em’ being the most popular one. These games provide fake money and the players try to accumulate as much as they can. Hearts and bridge are also major choices when choosing a type of card game.

3.    Robokill: Titan Prime

The object of every shooting game is to kill someone or something. Similar objective is there in this game, where the player is a robot trying to kill other robots who have invaded your space station Titan Prime. The graphics of this game are quite stunning for a flash game. The gameplay is quite interesting as well. It is a popular game out of all free online games and shooting games.

4.   The Last Stand

Another shooting games where you have to kill zombies before they turn you into one. The game is interesting as it requires a bit of strategy and time allotment as well. Throughout the game you will be given different guns, will have to find survivors and can also fix barriers to avoid the zombies.

5.   Robo Rampage

In this game you are man cum machine trying to kill other robots. The graphics of this game are great, keeping in mind that this is another flash game. As you kill the robots their remains pile up, and the objective of the game is to have the largest pile.

There are many free online games and shooting games, and choosing one is based on the gamer’s preference. One can search such games easily and try to master the ones they like the best.

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