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For Sale – Antique Scottish Violin by David Weir, Glasgow 1914

For Sale –  Antique Scottish Violin by David Weir, Glasgow 1914

A professionally restored Scottish violin by David Weir, a violin maker based in Glasgow, who made finely crafted violins with unique characteristics. This particular violin was built without corner blocks, but the maker reinfored the ribs, which are veneered. David Weir is listed in a book about Scottish violin makers called “Violin Making in Scotland” by David Rattray. The Violin is exactly 100 years old, it has been restored to playing condition in 2014 by a master violin restorer. It is set up with new Dominant strings and ready to play. The violin has a warm, full sound. even on all strings. Other useful information about David Weir Violin for Sale Length of body: Full size (14 1/8 inches or 358mm ). Vanish: orange brown varnish Pegs: rosewood with small pearl eyes Back: a two piece, nicely flamed sycamore back Front: a two piece front carved from wide grained spruce Scroll: elegantly cut scroll Fingerboard: traditional ebony fingerboard The violin is not just good looking, it plays beautifully with warm full rich sound. You can try it out in Central London. For more information, please use the contact form found...

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