Gone those days when music was just a mere means of entertainment, it has now taken a step forward. It has now become a necessity because of its profound impact on mind and body. Music has always been the first choice in case of any agony. It pleases your mind and frees your body from physical and mental tension. Music incorporates attentiveness and alertness in your body which gives freedom from shackles of sluggishness.

Effect Of Music Therapy

Effect Of Music Therapy

Music Therapy

Before going forward it’s important to understand what exactly music therapy is. Music therapy is an emerging field in the health care industry which aims at utilizing music and its various forms for treating physical and mental health. Music is also used for stress relieving it is often clubbed up with light exercises to make it even more effective. Music inculcates a sense of well being in your mind. More than giving physical and mental solace it is said that music begets quality into your life.

Genesis of Music Therapy

Diseases were considered to be a punishment of God in middle Ages. It was believed that your diseases and problems were the consequences of all the sins done by you. There were quite a number of researches done to examine the effect of music on body, but with the beginning of 19th century the number of researches grew more in number. There were number of tests which were done to know the relationship between music and human physiology. This is how the concept of music therapy came into cognizance.

Effects of music therapy

Music therapy affects our mind and body in a number of ways. High music beats have the capability to resonate the brain waves which results in imparting of more alertness in the brain. Music has a lasting effect on your brain even after you stop listening to the music. With changes in brain activity bodily changes also becomes prominent. Breathing and heart beat rate is also effected by music. The moment breathing and hear beat lowers it gives a sense of relaxation to the body. Music helps in creating a positive aura in the environment which helps in imparting positivity to the state of mind. When you think and act positive half of the anxieties and depression are vanished immediately. Apart from these benefits music also helps in controlling your blood pressure and inculcates immunity as well. With so many profound benefits music therapy is getting on top day by day.

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