Stradivarius Violin

Stradivarius Violin

One of the few extremely well preserved Stradivarius Violins, The Lady Blunt is to be sold by its current owners, the charity, Nippon Music Foundation to help raise money toward the rebuilding of Earthquake devastated part of Japan. The Violin which fetched a record $10 million when it was bought by the Nippon Music Foundation in 2008 is expected to fetch much more that $10. Each time The Lady Blunt is sold, it fetches more than the previous buyer paid for it. The entire proceeds from the sale will go into the coffers of Northeastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund.

The Lady Blunt will be sold online on the 20th of June 2011 by auctioneers, Tarision. Leading Violin dealers and restorers said an excellent specimen of a Stradivarius like The Lady Blunt rare come up for sale.

Northeastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund continues to receive donations from within Japan and around the world as the clean up and the complication caused at the damaged Fukushina nuclear plant continue to make the clean up of some of the damages wrought by the earthquake and Tsunami extremely difficult.

President of Nippon Music Foundation , Kazuko Shiomi, was quoted as saying that “Each of the instruments in our collection is very dear to us.

“However, the extent of the devastation facing Japan is very serious and we feel that everyone and every organisation should make some sacrifice for those affected by this tragedy.”

There are speculation at the moment about the amount The Lady Blunt will fetch on 20th of June with some dealer speculating that it will be sold for at least twice what Nippoon Music Foundation paid for it as investor in the traditional investment instruments look to diversify their portfolio of investment.

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