Violins Information Site

Violins Information Site

A very warm welcome to, one of the most comprehensive websites for information and resources on violins, cellos, violas, double basses and other bow and string instruments.
Information on the website includes the latest news about some of the most famous violins in the world, we also bring you news on violinists and newsworthy events and performances.
In the section dedicated to helping you find violin makers and restorers, you will find links to leading violin makers, restorers, dealers, auction houses, makers’ associations and leading violinists from around the world.

Violin Makers Directory includes a comprehensive directory of violin makers worldwide, which includes makers who make instruments related to the original viols, such as violins, violas, cellos, basses, viola da gambas etc. Some creative and adventurous violin makers also make instruments which, strictly speaking, are not from the viols family but a closely related cousin such as guitars and mandolins.

Violin Restorers Near You

Some of the oldest violins are reputed to produce some of the best sound. To keep violins made hundreds of years ago in playable condition, you need the services of violin restorers. That is why has a comprehensive list of violin restorers in the UK and the rest of Europe. We also have listings of violin restorers in North America. You can use our listing pages to find the nearest violin maker in your area. If you are a violin maker, contact us to have your site listed on our makers directory.

We do not charge to list violin makers and restorers in our directory, you just need to get in touch via our contact page and give us details of your business. We endeavour to have all listings online within a week.
We will shortly be adding a directory of violin teachers to our portal. Without the vital services and dedication of violin tutors, we would not have some of the greatest violinists whose music we enjoy today.

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