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Renting a violin is a great way for a beginner to try playing the violin without incurring the cost of buying one.  Beginners young or old can simply rent a violin from for a few months, if they decide to take up playing this instrument they can simply extend the rental agreement or buy the violin outright.

Parents are often eager to buy a violin for a child who shows interest in the instrument.  The same parents are usually disappointed should the child decide not to continue learning to play it. A good way to give explore the initial interest of a child in learning to play the violin is to rent one in the early stages. have a range of violin sizes available for rental. We have quarter size violins for the smaller child, through to half size, three quarter sized and full sized. Once started with a quarter size, we provide an upgrade path through to full size with no additional charges for upgrading from one size to the next.

Why should I rent a violin from

We source all of our violins carefully, selecting each for the quality of its sound as well as the quality of its artisanship.  A beginner is more likely to enjoy and be encouraged to take up playing the violin, and to practise regularly, if his or her violin produces quality sound.

What are the steps to hiring a violin from

We simplified the violin hire process to make it as simple and easy as possible. Follow the four steps outlined below, and you will have your rental violin delivered to your doorstep as soon as we receive a signed hire agreement and identification document from you.

Step 1

Identify and select the right violin for you or your child. Ensure you select the correct size, if you are not sure of the correct size for a child, ask his or her violin teacher.

Step 2

Read our rental agreement including our terms and conditions. If you are happy with the terms, proceed through the checkout process. You will be charged for 3 months rental as this is the minimum rental period.

Step 3

Upload or post two forms of identification to us. On receipt of your identification documents, your rental agreement will be processed and your violin dispatched.

Terms and conditions of violin rental from

  1. The minimum period of a rental from is three months (3 months).
  2. After the initial three month rental period, you may return the violin and replace it with another violin on rental.
  3. You are responsible for the carriage charges for the violin.
  4. We will repair damages to a violin in transit. You are responsible for any damages incurred by the violin whilst in your care. You may want to take out our violin insurance to insure against such damages.
  5. You are responsible for keeping the violin in good condition and for any breakages.
  6. If you wish to discontinue renting the violin from us, you need to inform us as soon as possible. You should also return the violin to us in secure packaging.